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Mary-Ann Owens and Associates

“Mary-Ann helped me learn and apply strategies for personal development so necessary to prepare me for an executive role. I worked her program of readings, self-examination and growth over the course of one year. I moved swiftly from Junior - New Grad to Senior Business Analyst in the space of two years as a result. I now practice the care for others and mindfulness of self so necessary to succeed and grow with some of the best talent in Telecom Global Sourcing where I partake in managing a nine figure budget. Thanks Mary-Ann “

Lance N.

“Mary-Ann is extremely passionate about her work and is a respected and trusted professional. She encourages participation and the exercises help participants lead with more strength, engage others, unearth opportunities where they get stuck and highlight the potential in others. After the workshop I was able to recognize anxious and avoidant tendencies in myself and others more quickly. Overall I feel the impact on participants is to lower stress levels, boost their confidence levels, decision making skills, interpersonal relationships and improve morale.“

Donna K. CHRP
Recruitment /HR Advisor

“Mary-Ann has been my executive coach since 2010 and has been instrumental in providing me with tools to improve both my personal and professional development. Many of the tools and resources that she has provided have been useful in further developing my overall leadership capabilities and as a result have also improved my success in business. Mary-Ann's passion and dedication to her profession balanced with her highly professional approach make our sessions very enjoyable and informative. I would absolutely recommend Mary-Ann.“

Todd D.
Senior Director

“Mary-Ann is very professional and helpful. She has excellent suggestions, tips and connections that she is more than willing to share. She went out of her way to make a very difficult and confusing time in my life more manageable. I would encourage anyone looking for advice and help with a career transition to speak with Mary-Ann.“

Scott C. Student at York University
Schulich School of Business

“I recently attended the Positive Self; Positive Others – Transformational Leadership course presented by Mary-Ann Owens. I have been to a number of one-day workshops in the past and haven’t found much value. This was not the case with Mary-Ann’s workshop. The significant value for me was the quantity of strategies, exercises and tools – the ‘take-aways’ - that I could utilize immediately with a variety of audiences, both professional and personal. The participant and facilitator examples shared throughout the day added to the high level of knowledge & understanding Mary-Ann has of her subject, which creates a recipe for success. I have incorporated many of the learnings for the development of my team, business, relationships and leadership style. Mary-Ann creates a safe environment for learning & sharing and I believe through this workshop can produce new results for your people and your business.“

Shirley H.
Vice President, HR

“Mary-Ann provided inspiration and support during my transition from full time employment to consulting. She provided sources of information that I may not have easily discovered on my own and worked with me on my priorities. I thoroughly enjoyed her calm and questioning manner and would consider myself privileged if I had the opportunity to work with her again.“

Denise F.
Sr. GeoScience Technologist

“Mary-Ann worked with me personally from 2004-2006 in coaching. In 2008 I had the opportunity to hire Mary-Ann to provide expertise to our association executives professional development day. She was innovative, thoroughly researched and inventive in her approach. She is incredibly dedicated to her profession.“

Bill F.
Associate Broker

“I am grateful to Mary-Ann for facilitating a session in a group environment speaking on one of her areas of expertise - resilience. This topic and her warm and empathic facilitation style worked well with our group.“

Bianca S.
Business Analyst

“Mary-Ann helped me gain insight into my executive development. She introduced advanced concepts that stretched my awareness of myself and helped me explore my leadership capabilities.“

Terry B.

“I very much enjoyed the session for its fun atmosphere, engagement and lots of interaction. The topic was "Keep on keeping on persistence in the work search". She provided strategies and exercises that were easy to follow in how to stay motivated and optimistic during this difficult time. The group was engaging with everybody sharing experiences and suggestions that proved to be very valuable to me. I would very much recommend Mary-Ann.“

Kissa M.
Instrumentation and Controls Engineer

“Mary-Ann's approach in coaching is very personable, like an elder sister caring for your development. She makes sure that all the assignments and goals set are tracked every month through conference calls or video conferences. Interviews along with my manager were also held to ensure that at the end of the period, my manager confirmed that there have been changes (practical and not theoretical) in my performance. I recommend strongly coaching by Mary-Ann to explore a boost in your professional growth.“

Mahesh M.
PhD Engineer

“Mary-Ann is the epitome of continuous learning. She is always researching something new and of value. When she finds something worth sharing she's the first to pass it on to our team members who will benefit most from it. She is a deep thinker and proactive problems solver who brings real warmth and connection to her clients and colleagues. I always enjoy my interactions with her and highly recommend her as a coach.“

Clifford W.

“The workshop opened my mind to focus on the positive. The trainer is great and well organized. Mary-Ann is an expert in this topic and has an awesome personality and very positive approach.“

Workshop participant

“I recently attended Mary-Ann's workshop on Resilience Strategies for your work search. You are given many tools to be more effective and optimistic about your job search when you become frustrated with companies not returning calls and emails and to remain focused on owning your own success. You identify your strengths and weaknesses and for those thinking of changing paths she provides websites to match your current skills to a job that you could transition into. The energy in the room was great with people offering suggestions on how to tackle certain situations and encouraging one another. I would highly recommend the workshop to those who need feedback on how their job search is progressing and get a boost of confidence!“

Gail S.
Geoscience Technologist

“I left with lots of things to reflect on. I have good strategies to keep my spirit up and stay positive. The workshop had an excellent pace and it was good to hear from others experiences. I found it became a very inspiring setup. Good job-facilitator.“

Workshop participant

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