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Executive Coaching
Mary-Ann Owens and Associates

Develop your leadership capabilities increasing your success and positive impact on others. Gain support and expert coaching that is tailored to your needs. Work with an executive coach who supports and challenges you, gives you targeted resources and is highly professional. 

Clients achieve their goals of advanced leadership and empowered teams when engaged in executive coaching.

Individual Coaching Benefits:

  • Increase your influence, confidence and your leadership effectiveness.
  • Empower your team to higher levels of performance and innovation.
  • Impact your co-workers and superiors positively with your leadership.
  • Make more progress while gaining the trust of your co-workers.
  • Increase your resilience and vitality levels and lead change more effectively.

Golden Program

This level of service includes 10 coaching sessions held over a 6 month period. Two assessment tools are used to increase your leadership awareness and impact.

Silver Program

This level of service includes 6 coaching sessions held over a 4 month period. One assessment tool is used to enhance your impact and awareness. 

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