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Mary-Ann Owens and Associates

Questions to ask yourself

  • 360-Degree Feedback: Do you want to know how you impact your direct reports, co-workers, and bosses?
  • Leadership Maturity: Do you show up as an opportunist, expert, achiever or are you capable of leading change?
  • Blocks to Change: Do you know how you are getting in the way of the goals you desire?
  • Self and Other Leadership: Are you positive in your self-management and the management of others?
  • Emotional Intelligence: What are your strengths and areas for improvement within the 5 areas of emotional intelligence?
  • Personality: Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your personality style?
  • Conflict Style: What are the strengths and weaknesses of your conflict style?
  • Resilience: Are you optimizing your intellect, emotions, body, and spirit for optimal work performance?
  • Motivation: Do you know what you love to do and what mark you want to leave?

Leadership Assessments

Leaders can become increasingly self-aware by taking self-assessments and 360-degree feedback to learn about themselves. These tools include:

  • personality (MBTI, DISC, Enneagram, Lifo, Firo-B),
  • strengths (Strength Finder, Signature Strengths),
  • emotional intelligence (EQi),
  • leadership of self and others (Self and Other Leadership),
  • leadership maturity (Leadership Maturity Framework),
  • conflict style (Thomas Kilmann),
  • teamwork (High Performing Team Survey, EQi)
  • stress management (Corporate Athlete),
  • blocks to change (Immunity to Change) and,
  • leaders impact on others (360-Degree Feedback).

It is very important that leaders are self-aware. Gallup has found that as many as 50% of people leave organizations because of their direct manager. The expense of orienting, training and developing employees costs the organization each time this occurs. Coaching, training and development of leaders can save an organization hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

The frustration of trying to interact with a leader who is not aware, let alone reporting to them can be extremely high. With the power differential between managers and employees, it makes working for them unbearable. Coaching and development enables effective leadership.

Career Assessments

Assessments are used to check for fit in career planning. Some tools assess personality (MBTI), while others assess interests, skills, enjoyment and motivation (The Holland Code, Campbell Interest and Skill Survey, and Job Needs).

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